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From Sunday, June 1 2014 to Tuesday, December 31 2019



The origin of the beautiful building situated on a rise of the right bank of the river Adda , the tradition is attributed to the presence of a mighty keep , given the strategic position of the height that dominates, even today , the low side of Bergamo.
The old villa was built in 1482 on a project designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan , he met Giovanni Melzi , then ducal counselor at the Sforza court .
Leonardo Da Vinci was a guest of the family in Vaprio Melzi d´Adda on several occasions : in 1493 and from December 1506 to May 1507 guest Jerome Melzi, and here he met the son Francis, then thirteen years old, who became the favorite pupil of the Master.
During your stay vapriese , Leonardo devoted himself to studies on water in general, on the navigability of the Adda and performed research in hydraulics . Admiring the beauty of the stretch of river that runs at the foot of the villa, paintings and sketches Leonardo made on the views of rocks where once was the Pons Aureoli . Attributed to the Master is " The Madonnone ", an image of the Virgin and Child, painted on the wall of the upper porch . Francesco Melzi , a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci , he followed the Master in France until his death and was the heir of all his writings and drawings , but his death , the descendants neglected and ignored the immense wealth .
The old villa resumes outside the classical form of the great villas of the Renaissance. The building is surrounded by a large garden with mazes , caves , terraces, roofs, stairways , following the slope of the land down to the banks of Martesana . Here was built a private dock that allowed the family to Milan with their boat .
The villa we see today is the work of architect Giuseppe Bonacina on behalf of the Duchess Elisa Sardis Melzi D´ heryl , as evidenced by a plaque in the wall of the vestibule .
The construction of a plant that grows in the "L" with the superelevation of the third floor , it retains an understated facade on the river with rectangular openings , while the inner courtyard facade features a portico with paired columns and arches .
The ground floor is developed in a long series of rooms: the dining room, billiard room and a central hall called hall of honor , where we find a marble medallion depicting the profile of Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition, the library of ancient and modern works , and other small rooms tastefully furnished two rooms used as a winter greenhouse . A grand staircase decorated with stucco leads to the upper floors and there is also an antique elevator running water , now converted to the current technology . Above the portico gallery, now incorporated in the building , reports the famous fresco of the " Madonnone ."

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